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Coronavirus Communication

North Lanarkshire Council is a Category 1 responder under the Civil Contingencies Act and this means we have particular legal duties and powers to respond to an emergency and a duty to continue to deliver services which members of the public rely on.

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We are already working to move people, with their agreement and with the best support we can provide, between the services most heavily affected to date by closure, to those desperately in need of additional staff and resource. This work is happening across the public sector. We are also trying to align these new opportunities to those who have recently lost their primary income due to employers having to either temporarily shut down or, indeed, cease trading.
Our schools are at the front line of the impacts unfolding across our staff and communities. They are also essential to providing the supports our communities so desperately need.
This includes helping key workers being able to sustain their roles in dealing with coronavirus. We have published a list of key workers ( that includes people across our communities who not only support critical health and council services, but who work in logistics and transport, in infrastructure and in other industries which support North Lanarkshire and the country as a whole.

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Information provided is clear and i understand this.


I do not understand the information.


I am not sure if i fit into a key worker category.

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