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The Challenges and Opportunities of Home Working

admin admin  •  2020-04-08  •    15 comments  • 

For many people, their working day has changed beyond recognition during the coronavirus pandemic. Working from home presents new challenges but also offers potential opportunities. How do you feel the change to remote working has affected you and can you see any positives to it?

What tips can you offer to those who may be struggling to adjust to a new working environment and routine?

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  • AmyRCLD
    AmyRCLD  • 2020-04-20 12:42:08

    I agree it can be hard to switch off if you are using a personal phone for any communication, however with my work phone/laptop I just make sure I have a clear routine of when I am and not working. I also mute some work chats I have on my personal phone to stop me being tempted to check it. I think working from home is a positive move, however I wouldn’t say as a constant. I have missed the office atmosphere and routine. My biggest challenge was not having a proper set up in place. I have no desk and only a very small table which becomes uncomfortable quickly. I also was unable to buy a laptop table anywhere online. Once I had a proper working set up in place it became easier.

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  • EmmaD
    EmmaD  • 2020-04-08 13:32:33

    It can be hard to switch off especially when using your own personal phone to make work calls etc. However I have tried to schedule proper breaks throughout the day and to swtich off my laptop at night. Last week I found I worked long hours as I had a lot of staff phoning, this week has been easier due to the Easter Holidays and many of them being off.
    I think with time, homeworking could be really good as it saves travel time, it's flexible etc.

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  • Community Partnership Team
    Community Partnership Team  • 2020-04-08 12:49:34

    It is important to establish and maintain a routine. The distractions at home are very different from those in an office environment so a routine helps with this. I have also found it harder to switch off from work as the tendency has been to pick up e mails when notifications are received, regardless of the time. One positive is that tasks that required additional focus and time are now being progressed to allow us to move forward with our "business as usual" requirements.

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      • Avatar admin
        Administrator #3  • 2020-04-08 12:51:34

        Routine is indeed important as it helps focus on the work requirements. That routine should also include switching off devices at the appropriate time to ensure suitable time for relaxation during these challenging times.

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  • Thomsonki
    Thomsonki  • 2020-04-20 12:56:22

    I think the main thing is establishing a decent home working area that suits your needs and maintaining a routine. A good balance between disciplined work / home life balance and some flexibility built in.

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  • Colin Bruce
    Colin Bruce  • 2020-04-17 10:29:01

    I have found it difficult not to feel on duty all the time. That in itself isn't great and this week has been a bit better. I was working last Sunday so it threw me a bit even though I was off on Wednesday. There is a lot of good and clear advice here its just making your your brain takes the advice. Home working does take a lot of getting used too and getting a balance is something I am not great at thus far.

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  • admin
    admin  •  Author  • 2020-04-14 14:54:14

    Important to get into routine. Difficulties can arise when both you and your partner are working from home. You need to have your own working area.

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  • Christine Boyle
    Christine Boyle  • 2020-04-08 13:20:23

    Can be challenging juggling family and work and more difficult to get away from work. Positive in that less time wasted travelling to and from work/meetings. Stick to set working hours with regular breaks and shut down computers/work phones in the evening.

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  • Ros Griffith
    Ros Griffith  • 2020-04-08 12:59:47

    If you are working from home make sure your work area is comfortable. Make sure your laptop is at the right hight so you are not bending over and your back is nice and straight. Get up and move around durig the day and try to have fluids to keep hydrated throughout the day.

      • PMcN
        PMcN  • 2020-04-09 08:19:01

        Agree Emma, home working useful and flexible in certain circumstances. Difficult to ignore email/phones outwith work/annual leave time to support incredible Covid 19 response by our groups within our communities.

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  • Kirsty
    Kirsty  • 2020-06-01 11:51:54

    I am finding home working difficult, and increasingly so as the time goes on. I don't have the most appropriate work space and don't have adequate space within my home to create a proper home office. I'm finding it difficult to concentrate and increasingly am limiting my work time to 2 hour blocks so I can get up and move around, go outside, go for a walk or do some other exercise. It's amazing how much you don't realize the benefits of being in an office environment in terms of being able to just go and speak to colleagues for advice/input, get a wee 5 minute breather before starting another task. Skype and Microsoft Teams are useful but again, not the same as face to face meetings and the increased screen time is a concern. I think there are some benefits to having flexibility and a degree of home working as part of the working week, but this current situation of full time home working is difficult. Updates on when a gradual return to the office can start would be good for morale

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