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What are the council doing to assist communities around COVI 19

Ros Griffith Ros Griffith  •  2020-03-30  •    1 comment  • 

Can you explain the ways you are communicating with your communities


how do i tag this debate?

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  • Avatar admin
    Administrator #1  • 2020-04-08 11:53:04

    Hi Ros. We are reaching out to our communities in a number of ways. North Lananrkshire Council have a dedicated coronavirus update page. You can access it directly from the homepage of this site or copy and paste this link:
    We are also promoting help and assistance via socal media channels or a regular basis. We appreciate that not everyone uses such media so we have also established a network of volunteer hubs across the authority in partnership with other agencies to make sure we are delivering on the ground support where and when it is needed. These are fast changing and challenging times but we will continue to engage with our communities at every opportunity.

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